FANCY Italian Dinner

Have you tried or seen this beautiful plant called Romanesco?
“Romanesco broccoli, a beautiful lime-green vegetable with a dense, heavy head covered in spiraling points, is widely grown in Italy and is starting to show up in more farmers’ markets here. Unlike its close cousin the cauliflower, it doesn’t have a sulfurous taste; instead, its flavor is mild and gently sweet.”

Running Abroad

A Brazilian woman living in Europe, building a family and running abroad! Can you feel me? 🙂

You are more than welcome to my Blog and to share your fitness experiences, traveling as well as some delicious healthy food which you come up with! Yummy!

I will be sharing my experiences about running, traveling, food recipes and tons of adventures! Which on this picture by the way, I was doing a 3 days cycling trip in Patagonia, Argentina, with two dear friends one from Brazil and another from Michigan-USA. It just fills my heart when I look at this picture and I remember what an amazing experience it was and actually which exercising is!

And this is just one out of tons! Don’t miss out. Stick with me 😉

Flavia Grohmann